Security Solutions for the Greater NYC Metropolitan Area

Customized security solutions for all buildings and all needs. At Signature Security, we understand the unique needs that all infrastructures in the New York, NY area face when it comes to their security systems and other technological needs. We deliver solutions that work for any structure and any building by integrating automation and smart security.

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Integrated solutions specializing in Video Surveillance, Access Control, VoIP & Data Networking

Providing peace of mind through robust security systems and reliable VOIP data networks. We give you the power to secure your assets and streamline your business with the latest technology.

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Intercom Systems

Secure your building with an integrated intercom system. We'll give you a custom plan and fully install the latest intercom technology in your facility.

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Smart Home And Home Theater Solutions

Give your home entertainment system a modern upgrade! Going beyond security, our team can deliver unparalleled home theater and smart home features to property owners in New York, NY. From home automation to an amazing home theater setup, we can give you anything you are looking for.

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Integration from the Ground Up

Total technology integration created from scratch To get the best from your security or automation system, it's vital that it integrates seamlessly into your property. That's why we start from scratch, customizing a solution from the ground up that matches all of your needs.

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"Amazing, professional, and work done perfectly. A pleasure to work with, very reliable, and highly recommended!"

Joseph F.

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Why Choose Signature Security

We know that finding the right security and automation system for your New York, NY property isn't always easy. That's why we take pride in offering custom solutions that solve any of your needs. We believe in using honesty and transparency in every install, and make sure that we use the latest technologies, the highest quality products, and the most affordable prices. And every job ends with full training and support from our team.

Signature Security has a staff of highly-trained, skilled installation professionals in the New York region. We use the highest quality products and techniques to make sure your system works perfectly. We also work directly with our customers to make sure that the system is installed without disruption to your daily business operations.

Signature Security has a team of security, surveillance, access, and automation experts who can handle your specific needs. We've designed hundreds of custom security systems including configuration, engineering, and network cabling. You'll get an expert consultation and training to give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

With headquarters in New York, we are locally-owned and operated. So when you need us, we are just a call away. We work diligently to constantly improve our response times because we know when there is an emergency, you need help immediately. Our customer service representatives are available 24/7/365 when you need us.

With our surveillance systems, Signature Security offers the latest video security technology to provide excellent image quality. Using advanced technology our installation includes software to view real-time activity and monitor your property remotely with any web-enabled device as if you were on site. Our systems can also withstand tampering and attempts at physical damage.

Signature Security offers expert training and support. We provide ongoing training to all our employees to make sure that they can review your need with authority. We have also been recognized as the key provider of active shooter training in the New York, NY area. No matter what you need from us, we’re always available to protect you.

All in One Solutions to Work for Your Property

Today’s integrated solutions have a lot of components. Our team are experts at securing buildings, and we handle every step of the process. We’ll run coax wiring, cat5 lines, and everything else that is needed, then handle the installation process entirely to give you exactly the system that you need for your property.

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Alarm System

Rest easy knowing you’ll be alerted to any unauthorized entry into your Arkansas home or business.

Burglar Alarms

Security Cameras

Our security cameras provide top-notch video surveillance for monitoring your residential or commercial properties.

Security Cameras

Remote Monitoring

Monitor and control your security system remotely from your mobile device. Features include control panels, access to view live footage, and peace of mind.

Remote Monitoring

Access Control

Limit entry to your property with access control. Access control enables your security to be centrally controlled and restricts entry to off-limit areas.

Access Control

Data Systems

With our high-tech software and data management systems we’ll ensure the availability of critical information necessary to support effective operations and response.

Data Systems

Intercom System

Signature Security can install and manage your intercom system to keep your team and customers in constant communication.

Intercom System


The right security system requires the right installation process, and at Signature Security we use a unique, multi-step process to give you exactly the system you need.


Schedule On Site Consultation

Every property is different. That's why we start each job with an on-site walkthrough from our security experts. They'll review your property, your goals, and your needs and then develop a clear idea of what will work for you. We'll offer a free initial estimate and even provide you with a demo of some of our apps to ensure that you get exactly the system you need.


Formal Quote

Our initial walkthrough and rough estimate is followed by an onsite quote. We'll work out the details of your system and then walk you through every aspect of it, even showing you on the property where various components are installed. If you accept the quote, we'll ask for a 50% deposit, provide you with an invoice, and schedule your installation.


Professional Installation

Our installation process ensures that you get a security system installed quickly and without hassle. Our team handles the process with integrity, leaving you with a system that matches your needs exactly. We handle cleanup as well, so your property is just what it was before we arrived - only more secure.


Training and Support

We know that a new system can be confusing at first. That's why our team trains business owners and tenants to ensure that everyone who will be using the system understands how to do so. We also offer ongoing support and even have a maintenance plan available for offsite property managers who need maintenance they can trust.

How To Secure and Grow Your Business

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Contact your support team 24/7 to assist you

Putting Clients First

Signature Security is not afraid to take on the toughest security challenges. Our team puts in the extra work to ensure that you get the best security and surveillance system that fits your needs. Take a look at how we were able to tackle a particularly widespread and ever-changing security need for a New York company.

warehouse owner looks troubled

A local real estate company was concerned about the security of its properties throughout the New York area. Since the sales representatives were not in a centralized area and the property locations were always changing, it presented a unique challenge to provide a safe environment for the staff and assets.

warehouse owner looks at installations

Signature Security met with the team to understand and identify the risks facing the sales agents. We were able to implement a remote monitoring system and training program, complete with local support and rapid response to make sure that when an incident arose, the sales reps werenot left alone in the field.

warehouse owner looks relieved

Signature Security set up a server in their office that was connected to all of the cameras across the entire network, allowing them to monitor all property surveillance feeds from a single screen.